Unlocking potential – A new name for a new start

WEA Hunter has a new name.

Atwea College was launched on 5 April 2019 and unifies the organisation’s seven campuses, almost 100 staff, thousands of students and hundreds of courses and programs across the Hunter and Mid North Coast.

Executive Director, Rowan Cox said the name was created to respect the organisation’s education legacy while setting a strong direction for the future.

Atwea College is a new name for a new era. As part of this, we have adopted the tagline of ‘unlocking potential’ which our immediate past Chairman, Martin Coates coined when he first heard the new name.

Atwea has an amazing history and deep community connection. You can’t go anywhere without someone commenting that their ‘Mum, Dad, Uncle or Aunt went to WEA,’ to learn a language or do a fun lifestyle course. This connection with all parts of the community is such an important and fundamental part of what we do.

In 2019, Atwea is the fifth largest provider of community based education in NSW, offering senior secondary and vocational education to thousands of people annually across more than 6,000 square kilometres. To express our ongoing development, we needed a new name to unlock our potential.

This has been a bold move by an organisation that has been around since the turn of the last century and is a commendation to the work and support of the Board who understood and supported the opportunity for organisation to continue to grow.

All services and educational products previously provided under WEA Hunter and WEA Coast will now be offered under Atwea College. The exception will be the high school education delivered through Alesco Senior College, which will maintain its name and brand as part of the Atwea College group.

The distinctive red lily, adopted by WEA Hunter a few years ago, has been retained as the organisation’s emblem graphic of Atwea College. The organisation will also retain its legal entity name of WEA Hunter (Workers Educational Association – Hunter) but uses Atwea College for promotional and communication activities.

The values of Atwea College are integrity, innovation and inclusion and this is demonstrated by its ability to create connections and to collaborate with people from all walks of life with the aim of helping them unlock their full potential.

Executive Director, Rowan Cox

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