Science benches on their way in Australian first

We are so excited to announce, in partnership with the Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation and IPC Irwin, Alesco has officially ordered seven brand new mobile science benches for each of our campuses! And they are now officially on their way Down Under.

The benches were originally designed with consultants from the UN for a United Nations project in Africa. The specifications were developed to be extremely robust as they were being moved between buildings across sometimes rough terrain as well as from room to room and had to have a long life of everyday use.  That was around 25 years ago and they are still in use.

Since then they have been used in schools, colleges and universities around the world. This is the first time they have been imported to Australia. They come complete with equipment for specific science subjects such as forensics, electricity and electronics, microscopy, data logging, chemistry and biology.

A huge thank you to Justin Henderson, Grant Dennis, IPC Irwin and the Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation for making this project happen.

The benches are due to arrive in early 2022 and we can’t wait. They are going to make such a huge impact on the way we teach science and the way our students engage with their education.

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