Providing life saving First Aid skills to the local Tuncurry community

Providing education in responding to emergency situations is an integral part of being a First Aid Trainer. Simone Waters currently trains students in the First Aid accredited courses, as well as the newly introduced topic specific Seniors First Aid and Parents First Aid courses at Atwea’s Tuncurry campus.

As a young child growing up in rural NSW, Simone’s parents encouraged her to do a First Aid course to be better prepared for unexpected situations in the outback such as handling snake bites and broken bone injuries. This introduction highlighted the value of First Aid training and has set the path for continued self-development in this area for the years that followed.

In addition to being a First Aid trainer, Simone is also a lifeguard and swim instructor at the Great Lakes YMCA.  “I’ve been doing first aid training for over four years, I love sharing my knowledge in this area and have always had a willingness to help people,” she said.

She understands the responsibility behind her role in educating students on how to effectively manage emergency situations. “First aid assistance is often required in the first minutes after sudden illness or injury occurs, even a simple act like changing a person’s head position for airway can save a life in the unfortunate event of any emergency,” she said.

As with many courses over the past few months, there have been adjustments made to the content delivery in order to remain compliant around COVID-19 restrictions. “We are running classes through blended learning in which practical components are a maximum of two students per session and all theoretical content is completed online,” she said.

Simone believes that first aid practitioners are valuable assets to have in any workplace. “Our first aid courses provide useful upskilling that would be sought after in many roles including in the community service sector,” she said.

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