Past Student Profile – Caitlin

Year 10 seemed bleak for Caitlin Cooper when her childhood friends excluded her from their new social group and her parents separated.

“It was a very hard time and my grades and mental outlook really went downhill,” Caitlin said.

Having heard about Alesco from another student, and on a particularly difficult day for Caitlin, her mom took her out of school and straight to interview with Alesco. Caitlin started there the next day.

With the support of friends and the guidance of the teaching staff, Caitlin blossomed during the following two years at high school. “The teachers helped us see that our test marks did not define us and that if we worked hard, and found something we liked to do, we could succeed,” she added. For Caitlin the something she loved was aged care, and her HSC qualifications launched her on this path.

Since graduating from Alesco in 2017, Caitlin has been working at Charles O’Neill Hostel, an aged care home that offers mainstream care as well as a specialist unit for residents suffering with mental health issues. Passionate about ‘her residents’, Caitlin was delighted to be asked to join the Activities Team, based in the mental health unit, and is now studying dementia.

‘I would not be where I am today without my teachers at Alesco. I owe them a lot. They’re amazing.’

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