Music industry experts unite to share

Last week, Atwea College brought together notable music industry personalities to share their expertise with emerging artists and industry newcomers looking to launch their career in the music industry.

The Atwea Ignite Conference hosted four sessions which provided insightful conversations between experienced industry figures and aspiring professionals including an exploration of careers in the industry, as well as questions of how to market yourself as an artist and what makes good art in an over saturated market.

The Ignite Conference heard from the likes of:

  • Justin Nyker, from Mothership Events who worked at Vivid, Mardi Gras and This That festivals
  • Steve Pickett, music marketing guru and Managing Director of EAO Entertainment
  • Marcus Wright, management expert from Big Apachee, who works with bands like the Hilltop Hoods
  • Dan Beazley, digital expert and Managing Editor of Newcastle Live
  • Grant Walmsley, co-founder of the legendary Screaming Jets and head tutor for Atwea’s Diploma of Music Industry

The Ignite Conference, which was coordinated by the current Atwea Diploma of Music Industry students, provides not only insights and lessons but introductions to the experts who have helped shape and promote successful artists and industry careers over decades.

“The conference has been just the event that Newcastle needs to bridge the gap between professional and emerging artists in our region, creating an amazing opportunity for young people to connect with remarkable professionals and gain fantastic insights that they just couldn’t have otherwise obtained.” – Georgie Parsons, Atwea Diploma of Music Industry student.

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