Meet Nerida Blankenzee – Hospitality trainer


With a wealth of experience under her belt, Nerida Blankenzee currently delivers an extensive list of courses at Atwea College including Hospitality, Customer Service, Hygiene, RSA and RCG, Operate A Bar and Barista Coffee Making. Her training involves lots of hands-on practical experience as well the knowledge side of all facets of Barista, Hygiene, Customer Service, Beer Pouring and the legalities of the RSA and RCG when working in the industry.

It’s wonderful to see the students of Nerida obtaining jobs in the community and being able to catch up with them when out socialising in various places. “We are lucky enough to have a fantastic working relationship with the Tuncurry Beach Bowling Club where I am able to take my students there for the Operate A Bar unit. They get hands-on work experience behind the bar serving the regulars and some of them are lucky enough to obtain jobs within the club” Nerida says.

Having worked in the Hospitality industry herself, Nerida has held several roles in clubs, pubs and has even spent some time working on Daydream Island. For the past 11 years, Nerida has worked as a Supervisor at Tuncurry Beach Bowling and still does some casual work there.

Nerida’s role at Atwea College is 2 fold as she has been an ACE Training Coordinator for the last 2 years and a Trainer/ Assessor for the last 5 years. Describing Atwea College Nerida feels very supported by all the staff at the Coast and other Trainers and everyone is always very welcoming to one another.

Trainer Nerida

Nerida said “As I was someone that didn’t have any training experience whatsoever and had only completed my TAE, I applied for a Hospitality Trainer job at Atwea which was called WEA Coast at the time. The Senior Education Officer had asked me in for an interview and they offered me a casual position and supported and guided me through my teaching journey to be the trainer that I am today.”

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