Introducing our new CAS Coordinator

Late last year, Atwea welcomed a new Music and Creative Arts Coordinator to The CAS facility in Hamilton. Adam Ferrier has hit the ground running in his new role and looks forward to inviting the local community back to The CAS for 2021 live performances after a temporary pause due to COVID-19.

A key focus for 2021 is on student growth and development by utilising The CAS’ multi-functional venue facilities. These include a fully equipped theatre that caters for up to 110 people, as well as a newly refurbished outdoor courtyard in which students can gain experience performing in front of an audience.

“Our aim is to build our student’s confidence so they can successfully perform live and to give them the tools to develop as a professional musician,” he said.

Adam brings extensive industry experience to The CAS as both a musician and event manager who has performed and directed events all over Australia, working with some of Australia’s top musicians in Australia’s best venues. “I enjoy the artistry of performance and the challenge of working with a live band to entertain people. I also enjoy delivering events and working in a variety of unique venues,” he said.

He now looks forward to working with students to share his expertise and to assist them to achieve their goals. “Music is a way of life and as a career choice it can take you in many different directions and I am very fortunate to be able to share my knowledge and expertise with others,” Adam said.

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Atwea College hires out The Creative Arts Space in Hamilton for external use of events. For more information, contact Adam at The CAS on: or 02 4925 4200.

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