Hospitality Certificate helps Ricki-Lee achieve career goals

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Ricki-Lee Paul recently completed her Certificate III in Hospitality at Atwea College, a course she was encouraged to take by her current employer as they saw potential in her and wanted to see her further her knowledge and skills in the industry. “My job provider got me into the course with Atwea College, and as soon as I started I formed a great relationship with the trainers. They were great with me and they gave me all the support I needed to complete the course.”

Ricki-Lee found studying with Atwea College really good as she enjoyed that when she had a question about something, she got a straight-up, to-the-point answer that she could understand. Ricki-Lee explained that she’s a very hands-on learner, so the way the course was delivered by the trainers was great for her. She also felt very comfortable learning in a smaller group at the college.

“I’m a very hands on learner so the PRACTICAL way the course was delivered was great for me.”

Ricki-Lee loves being in the kitchen and actually wants to learn more about cooking, she said “I wanted to be part of the service industry in some way, but as I am quite a shy person, I thought it would be a great opportunity to work in back of house. I really enjoy cooking and being able to cook for other people and show them what I can do. I love learning about food and how to make new recipes.”

The Certificate III in Hospitality course introduced Ricki-Lee to topics such as communicating with the customers and learning how to be a barista. Because of her newfound skills she now sometimes goes out to the front of house to serve customers their food, something she wouldn’t have done before, but since completing the course she feels it’s given her the confidence to do it.

Ricki-Lee is extremely passionate about playing community soccer, in fact, she “LOVES it! Soccer is my life” she said. But when Ricki-Lee isn’t on the field kicking goals, she’s setting career goals on becoming permanent in the kitchen where she works now, giving her more job security. She feels that this is so much more attainable now that she has completed her training as she has gained further skills to provide that.

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