Extreme face of make-up

Atwea has welcomed one of the region’s most talented make-up artists to its team.

Emma Woods brings more than 14 years’ experience which includes six years as a professional make-up teacher and will be offering a number of specifically designed short courses to Atwea College students.We spoke recently with Emma about her experience and new role with Atwea College.

Why Atwea?

I am really excited about working with an organisation that is dedicated to empowering people to learn. Education is about empowering people and helping them gain confidence. Make-up is much like this as it is a very real way to help people feel confident while educating them about how they can use make-up to look and feel great.

What courses will you be teaching?

We have designed some courses that we think will be really fun and interesting to lots of people of all ages and abilities.

With so many make-up options on the market and so many trends, I find many people ask me how to use them for everyday looks, so we are holding a make-up basics course that will enable people to bring along their products. We will talk about the products, their purpose and show them how to use them in a way that suits their needs.

We are also offering a course that can help people to turn day make-up into an evening look and we are going to have some fun by doing a Halloween make-up class and a class in basic braiding.

What is your favourite type of work?

I love the extremes of make-up. Much of my work is with people who just want to look natural, fresh and healthy every day. I also love a ‘no-makeup look’(in essence it’s make-up that doesn’t look like you are wearing any at all). I also love special effects make-up for fun, film, stage and photography and going for something different for a special occasion .

Tell us about your career?

I studied make-up artistry in Sydney in 2004 before returning home and set-up my own business in 2005. While I loved working for fashion, weddings and corporate clients, I really loved working with people and just showing them how to use make-up to achieve natural looks. It was this work that led me to upgrade my qualifications and become a teacher and have worked with a private school for the past six years while also running my own group and one on one lessons.

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