Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Information for our students about Coronavirus (COVID-19) 


COVID regulations for Atwea College  

Atwea have updated the conditions of entry to an Atwea Campus effective immediately

This means all staff, students, visitors and contractors MUST:

  • Sign in to a campus
  • Provide a contact phone number ( VaCE students, visitors and contractors only)
  • Record their temperature using a contactless thermometer
  • Not present if they are feeling unwell

If you have any queries regarding this, please contact us on: 



COVID-19 Update 

Vocational Students

We have been busily mapping our courses to enable ongoing delivery for all current students.  In some cases, some of our learning will be ‘blended delivery’ – this means some on-line study, and some practical course work in a classroom.

Atwea is considered an ‘essential service’ and therefore can, with the right measures in place, remain operational. When students are on campus we will be implementing

  • Reduced groups of learners in campuses at any on time
  • Reduced numbers in classroom, with appropriate social distancing between students and trainers
  • Increased infection control procedures such as sanitiser stations and daily disinfecting of surfaces etc
  • Reduced numbers of people allowed in enclosed spaces (such as student kitchens and amenities)

Current students will receive information this week about how their Term 2 timetable will change to accommodate the shift to a ‘blended learning’ mode, or where they are not required to attend classroom workshops, how they can access their learning materials.

For all new Students in Term 2, making an enquiry with us about the courses we have on offer will allow you to better understand how we are supporting students and learning in all our communities achieve their learning goals.



Important course update for VET students

The NSW response to COVID-19 is having a big impact in a number of areas. We are strongly supportive and respect our students needing to take the time to organise their families lives moving forward but also remain prepared to resume future plans, when all this is over.

As a result of this, Atwea has decided to extend or enforce the Term 1 break for Vocational Students to commence 30th March and will conclude 24th April. During this time students will not be required to participate in learning activities or classes.

As the end of April approaches, we will be contacting each of you about how we will be continuing your training, so you can study from home for Term 2. Due to the complexity of the different qualifications we offer at Atwea College, there is not a single ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach we can take to continuing your studies, so we need to take some time now to migrate your learning to various platforms, so that you can continue to receive the education and training you deserve. But for now, please do not attend classes from the date above.

We want to assure you that we are committed to providing you with your education and training, so you can achieve the Qualification or Statement of Attainment you are studying towards. You will be notified towards the end of April as to how we are going to do that, as each circumstance requires a different approach. In the meantime, you remain enrolled as a student of Atwea College. If you encounter any issues while waiting for your further study instructions, please contact us on

We appreciate your patience and also ask for your support and understanding in this complex time. We highly value our Vocational students and are working around the clock so you continue to have the best experience you can in these unusual times.



Cancelled Lifestyle Courses

The circumstances around the response to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation is having an impact in a number of areas. Following recommendations regarding the delivery of non-essential services, Atwea has had to make the very difficult decision to cancel all current Lifestyle programs effective immediately. This means you should cease attending all classes from now. For all current students whose classes have been cancelled, we will be offering an automatic partial refund of any classes you were unable to attend. These refunds will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.

See below Lifestyle courses that have been cancelled in Hunter and Mid North Coast regions:


  • Japanese Beginners Level 1
  • Japanese Intermediate Level 2
  • Spanish Beginners
  • Italian Beginners
  • Italian Intermediate Level 1
  • Italian Intermediate Level 2
  • French Beginners
  • French Intermediate Level 1
  • French Intermediate Level 2
  • Excel 2010 Introduction
  • Excel 2010 Intermediate
  • French Pastry – Eclairs & Profiteroles
  • School Holiday Make-Up Workshop



  • Bowen Technique
  • Assisting with Recovery
  • Painting for Pleasure Abstract
  • Japanese Whole Foods 2
  • Assisting with Mindfulness
  • Excel 2016 – Advanced
  • Excel 2016 – Intermediate
  • Love the Skin You are In
  • Master Your iPad
  • Mother’s Day Aromatherapy Workshop
  • Art for Personal Discovery
  • Birthing Confidence
  • Computer Confidence
  • Comfort Measure Techniques for Labour
  • Photography
  • Word 2016 – Advanced


We have also made the difficult decision to cancel all scheduled Lifestyle classes for Term 2. For all students who had booked into classes for Term 2, we will be issuing you a full refund of your course fees. Staff will be in contact soon to discuss how this will occur. We know this will impact hundreds of you, however we think this is the best decision to ensure we can resume our valuable Lifestyle and Leisure program into the future. We hope you consider re-supporting our Lifestyle and Leisure courses, and reignite that commitment to lifelong learning, once this has all passed.



Update for our students about Coronavirus 

To our valued Atwea student community,

We understand in these unusual times that there may be some concerns and anxieties around what the unfolding Coronavirus threat means for you as a student. We want to reassure our students that Atwea College has firm and solid plans in place for a variety of scenarios that may eventuate over the coming days and weeks. The senior staff and myself are constantly monitoring the unfolding situation and are updating these plans accordingly to align with advice from various Government agencies. I wanted to take this opportunity to outline the latest updates to the situation here and what this means for you. Atwea College takes your health and safety, and the wellbeing of our trainers and staff extremely seriously and we want to reassure you that we will keep communicating with you when and if the following advice and policies change.

To begin with, Atwea College campuses are all remaining open and classes as scheduled are all still underway. In accordance with Government advice and announcements, there is no reason for educational facilities to close at this time. We are all showing up for work and getting on with the business of education and providing training and assessment services to you, our community.

If you are feeling sick for whatever reason, as has always been the case, you should not attend classes until you are feeling better, and be in contact with your GP if you wish to seek further advice about your symptoms.

If you have concerns about attending classes for any other reason, the following options are currently available to you:

If you choose to self-isolate and not attend classes for any reason, but have not been directed to do so by the Department of Health, then you are more than welcome to contact your Course Coordinator to see if study from home options are available for you. We will approach each request on a case-by-case basis, however if you are not experiencing any symptoms or are not in a risk category for COVID-19, we encourage you to continue attending classes as that is the best method for you to receive the training you are entitled to.

If you have been directed to self-isolate by a Government authority, either because you are a ‘close contact’ case, or a confirmed case of COVID-19, then you should self-isolate as directed, and follow one of the below options:

  • If you are not experiencing symptoms, you will be able to return to classes once the official notice period from Hunter New England Health (provided to you on a letter) has passed.
  • If you are experiencing symptoms, you should remain in contact with your GP and undertake any testing required. If you return a negative result, you can return to classes once the notice period from Hunter New England Health (provided to you on a letter has passed). If you return a positive result, Atwea College will require a form of medical clearance before allowing you to return to classes.

As we go forward into these times, we want to ensure we are keeping you informed at all times. For that reason, we have set up a dedicated page on our website at and encourage you to follow our Facebook page for the most up-to-date information.

In the case that there are individual courses affected, we will contact you by phone in the first instance, and then make all reasonable attempts to inform you of these changes by other means, including through social media and email.

In the case that there are changes to campuses, you will receive a text message to your designated phone number, an email and notification by the Atwea Facebook page.

While these are challenging times, I am confident in the plans we have in place, that they are the best way of balancing ensuring continuity in your studies, and protecting the health and welfare of our students and staff members. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to lifelong learning and development.


Kind regards

Rowan Cox

Executive Director – Atwea College

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