Atwea joins The Inclusive 100 movement

At the end of 2019, Atwea College proudly joined Castle Personnel’s initiative The Inclusive 100, to increase employment and the social inclusion of people living with a disability. Today, Castle’s CEO Dianne Hamer, presented a certificate to our Executive Director, Rowan Cox acknowledging our involvement with the initiative.

The inclusion pledge that Castle has put forward is in line with Atwea’s core values of integrity, innovation and inclusion. “We provide training for many people in our communities living with a disability – the national average of VET participation by people living with a disability is 4.1% and our students population who identify as having a disability is 31.9%,” said Rowan Cox, Executive Director.

Atwea has also remained focused on their Diversity Action Plan in place. “We are committed to diversity in our workplace and student population and continue to work on our Diversity Action Plan to ensure we remain accessible and inclusive of all members in our community and this includes people with a disability,” she says.

This is a social movement to put inclusion on the agenda, the first step is to raise awareness of the need to give people with disability a job.

If your business is interested in making a pledge or employing someone with a disability, please visit

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