Meet Deborah Mercer

Deborah Mercer

Many educators are effective in teaching. Trainers deliver instruction and in turn the students learn. However, it is very special to encounter a trainer that has the “gift” of teaching – the ability to light up the classroom with inspiration and to see that their joy and passion is being mirrored by their students.
Deborah Mercer is an energetic and motivational educator who specializes in training Disability and Aged Care. Outside of the classroom Deborah is dedicated to constantly improving her teaching skills whilst connecting with industry and contributing to our community through her volunteer work with the RFBI Kurri Kurri Masonic Village. Throughout the last year, Deborah has trained students in Certificate III in Individual Support in both Ageing and Disability, Certificate IV in Disability and Infection Control training to employers. Additionally, Deborah delivers workshops and on the job support to a number of our Aged Care Trainees. To conclude her classes Deborah asks her students to share three things. Something they liked, something they learned and their “uh-oh”. This promotes student reflection and provides an emotionally supportive environment for expression, self-discovery and sharing learning experiences. Throughout their learning journey, Deborah’s students develop the skill of perseverance and not to give up on themselves because they know that they will always have a trainer that believes in them. Understanding that the influence of an educator extends beyond the classroom, Deborah shares her working experiences and teaches from her heart to ensure her students are prepared to enter the industry and make a difference in the real world once their study comes to an end.



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