Helping students reach their full potential

Atwea offers a range of vocational and community education (VACE) programs across its campuses.

VACE programs give students and opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge they require to enter the career of their choice. The types of courses on offer provide pathways in to careers in community service, such as in aged care, working in a range of roles within hospitality and retail and into business administration.

To ensure students in these courses optimise their learning journey, Atwea has established the Student Support Services (SSS) unit to assist them along the way. “We take providing the support each learner needs to achieve their full potential very seriously.” says Nicola Bartlett, who leads the SSS team. We join students on the learning journey, from their first enquiry about course, completing their qualifications and right through to assisting them in finding a job it that’s the support they require.”

The aim of SSS is help students to achieve their learning goals and enter positive and long-term employment. This in turn opens a world of greater social inclusion, increased financial security and sense of belonging and contributing to the community.

Student Support Coordinator Profile – Leeza Rebbadj

What does your role as Student Support Coordinator involve?

Our vision is to be pro-active. That means connecting with our learners right from the beginning of their journey with Atwea and assessing how we can best support them before, during and after their learning journey with us.

What type of support services do you provide?

Support is wide and varied and can range from ensuring ramp access to a building is available for a student in a wheelchair, to providing a specialised keyboard and adjusted computer screen contrast for a student with impaired vision. We also support our students with barriers to learning by offering language, literacy and numeracy reinforcement. Although we are not qualified social workers, our team will also assist and support students who may be going through a crisis by referring them to the help they need.

When can a student contact the unit?

Our relationship with students starts from the moment they enquire about a course at an information session. Then, throughout their learning journey, we help them fulfil their educational needs, for example by offering help with grammar, essay and report writing, assessments and formatting. This may facilitate by an inhouse trainer or by establishing external assistance.

We also assist students when they are considering possible employment pathways and future study. Students can attend two specialised workshops where they work on goal setting and thinking about future opportunities. If, at any time, they hit a bump in the road or feel they are having difficulty, they can contact us confidentially and we will work to get them back on track to reaching their goal.

Balancing life with study can be a juggling act. How do you help students manage this?

We all have busy lives and when we add study into the mix life gets a whole lot busier. The key to succeeding is recognising potential obstacles to successfully completing a course of study. Things such as a lack of child care, transport, or simply quality time to study can be raised with us so we can engage our service partners to assist students.

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