Business Skills that benefit others

Jessica Bonniface, trainer at Atwea College, considers herself a professional student; “I do not think there has been a time in my life when I have not undertaken some sort of education/learning and I enjoy being able to pass on my learning to others.” Currently teaching Certificate II and III Business Administration (EVET) to year 11 and 12 students, and facilitating workshops to trainees undertaking a Certificate III in Disability, Jessica’s role is to transfer the skills and knowledge she has acquired throughout her career to her students to help them achieve the qualification in their chosen field of study.

When asked why Jessica chose to teach at Atwea College she commented “I chose to teach at Atwea as the values of Atwea College are very much my own personal values, integrity, inclusion, and innovation. Atwea has so much to offer students from any walk of life or age group – be it skills training, learning for fun or High School.”

“My experience teaching at Atwea College has been great. I have lots of support available to me if I need it and I really enjoy being able to share my knowledge with my students to help them achieve their goals and unlock their full potential” says Jessica.

Jessica started her career in the early 2000’s working in various Business Administration and Customer Service roles in both the private and public sector. After about 10 years, she decided to change paths to work as support worker for people with a disability in the community, which then led to the completion of a Certificate III in Individual Support. Once completed Jessica started her own business, providing in-home care support to elderly and people with a disability, whilst also working in an Aged Care Facility. Fast forward a few years, Jessica then decided that she would like to further her education so began studying a Bachelor of Nursing with the University of Newcastle. While currently employed as a Trainer with Atwea College Jessica continues to run her own business and holds Assistant in Nursing Positions at both a Hospital and a Residential Aged Care Facility. Jessica will be finishing her Bachelor of Nursing degree at the end of 2021.

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