Alesco Senior College offers a small Year 10 preparation program for selected students who are ready to work in an environment that offers individual support, personalized planning and a possible pathway into further Vocational Training.

Alesco also has the FLEX program for students looking for success but who need a little bit more flexibility. Graduates of Alesco Senior College will most likely move onto further vocational training or sustainable employment. Some of our students who have an identified and targeted vocational pathway may pursue a future in tertiary education or University.

Alesco Senior College places emphasis on the strengths in provision of services to students.

These include;

  • The creation of a small safe, supported environment,
  • Staff work with students on a basis of empowerment, rather than a model of power and control,
  • That access through education allows the inclusion of other support mechanisms.

The Alesco Senior College also firmly believes in the following key principles of our school:

  • The student is the centre of the education plan, and all plans revolve around the needs of the student educationally, emotionally and socially,
  • That there is rigor in the educational program provided,
  • Students have the opportunity to experience an adult learning environment and undertake a Board of Studies based curriculum.


Our aim is to offer education to young people whose circumstances have previously prohibited them from finding success in education and to provide opportunities for these young people to prove their capabilities; that their potential is endless and they can succeed in an environment that is designed specifically for their inclusion and experiences.


The Alesco Senior College will strive toward providing young people, who are struggling to find success in a mainstream system, the opportunity to re-evaluate their situation and achieve success in a smaller and more supportive environment.

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Alesco Brochure

To read more about Alesco Senior College, please download the annual reports here

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