Come from a diverse range of back grounds and experiences yet the one thing they all have in common, they have all struggled to achieve in a more traditional school setting for their own very personal and real reasons. Yet within the Alesco Model these young people have managed to thrive and make positive changes in their lives enabling them to move forward and find success.

What Alesco has meant to our students:

The start of the rest of my life! Alesco was not only a school, it felt like a home. The amazing support you receive from fellow students and the teachers is amazing! Alesco makes it possible to love school.

What Alesco meant for me, I would have not had the future I have today, Alesco gave me the chance to travel, a trade simply they gave me a future.

Above everything else, Alesco showed me the value of my own self-worth, helping me realise that I can in fact achieve everything I want out of life and more.

Alesco meant that I wasn’t forgotten. The teachers believed in every one of their students even when the students didn’t believe in themselves. Their unconditional support provided me with the opportunity to achieved my HSC and their dedicated team of teachers rekindled my passion for learning.

Alesco gave me a new lease on life. The school and the teachers offered opportunities to me which I thought were out of reach and an endless amount of support. I was given back my self confidence and the ability to believe in myself again. There’s a lot more I could say but then it wouldn’t be a short quote. I’ll always be glad I made the decision to go to ALESCO. With out that school I wouldn’t be where I am now.

Alesco was the difference between merely having a dream, and being able to make it come true. Without Alesco I’d never have had the skills, let alone the confidence or resilience to go on to tackle two uni degrees and working full time helping youth at the same crossroads I was. I could never adequately explain to anyone how Alesco and all the teachers within it helped me grow. In many ways, I feel Alesco saved my life…

Before Alesco I suffered from severe panic attacks and social issues Alesco learning centre gave me the strength and tools to become an independent adult … And I am proud to say I have not suffered a panic attack in 4 years. Without Alesco I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today.

For me Alesco was more than just a school, it was that 100th chance I’d had to behave. But thanks to the love, kindness and guidance from my teachers and my friends, I did it this time and proved the people who didn’t believe in me that I could be someone. To the shock of even myself I completed my HSC and have now gotten my cert lll in aged care, cert ll and lll in business admin, and I’ve started Beauty Therapy. My greatest achievement though was having my first baby earlier this year. Without Alesco teaching me patience, acceptance and how to balance my life I wouldn’t have been able to do any of these things. Thank you.

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