Live Spots – Emerging Artists Mentoring Program 

Live Spots is a Newcastle based initiative that creates live music ‘spots’ throughout the region to provide ambiance for business precincts and income and promotional opportunity for local musicians. The Business Improvement Associations of Hamilton, Newcastle City, Wallsend and Mayfield created Live Spots to foster community engagement and encourage promotion, activation and placemaking. We are working closely with the City of Newcastle to provide numerous spaces throughout Newcastle to host Live Spots performances. Importantly, the Live Spots initiative is not just about creating performance spaces. It is about facilitating ambient music in locations at key times that passing foot traffic can enjoy.

Atwea College is very proud to be a part of the Live Spots initiative especially in the role of mentoring and supporting emerging artists in their preparation to be a part of the community of live performance artists.

Through our facility at the Creative Arts Space (The CAS) on Beaumont St Hamilton, with the support of our Music Industry trainers and the help of mentors from the Live Music Industry in and around Newcastle it is our aim to help new and emerging artists be ‘gig ready’ so that they can join the booking list of Live Spot performers in and around our city.

Our Emerging Artists Mentoring Program supported by funding from the City of Newcastle aims to help new performers build their skills and stage presence, so they feel confident to be performance ready.

For some Emerging Artists this may be as simple as making a time to come in and meet our friendly staff, play a short set list and ensure that as a performer you are ready to meet the Capability Framework.  For some other Emerging Artists, you may need or want to seek a bit more support; either in rehearsal, workshop opportunities, mentoring and guidance before undergoing assessment against the Capability Framework.

For those who may be a bit nervous about the Capability Framework, we assure you this is not a ‘one off chance’, the idea is that together, if live performance is your goal – we can make it happen.

We have a neat little space at the back of The CAS, known as ‘the courtyard’ where artists can get a feel for outdoor performance.  It is small and intimate and a great place to practice the first elements of live street performance, such as setting up, and audience interaction.  You can also work on getting your family and friends together at an agreed time (and in a COVID Safe way) to recreate the experience of performing to a group of live people, in new environments.

We will also have a small amount of equipment (such as mic’s and amps’) that the Emerging Artists can book for their first gigs until they are a bit more on their feet.

If you want to know more about how we can work together to ensure your able to participate in a Live Spots booking – drop us an email and we’ll get in contact with you to arrange a way to catch up.

Obviously Covid is having a bit of an impact on the ways we can catch up with people at the moment, so an email is the easiest way to start the ball rolling and then we can work out how to meet face to face in the safest way possible.


If you would like further information contact The Creative Arts Space on (02) 4925 4200 or email anytime

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