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Conditions of Enrollment.

1. Classes are open to all adults 16 years and over*.
2. A fee must accompany the enrolment. The organisation is unable save a place without payment.
3. Concessions and all special offers can only be given at the time of enrolment. In order to enrol in Government-funded courses students must be a permanent resident of Australia. Non-residential participants are entitled to enrol; however, full fee payment is required. This fee is 30% additional enrolment fee.
4. Upon acceptance of the enrolment, students will be provided with enrolment confirmation.
5. Courses that do not meet the required minimum enrolment may be cancelled and participants will be contacted within 3 days prior to course commencement
6. Requests for transfer or credit, as a result of changed personal circumstances, will only be considered 5 working days or more before the course start date.
7. WEA Hunter reserves the right to decline admission to a course; to terminate a student’s enrolment in a class at any time; or to change a tutor at any time without prior notice to course participants.
*underage enrolment accepted under certain conditions

WEA Hunter Course Refund Policy.

WEA Hunter does not issue refunds of fees paid except in circumstances where WEA Hunter cancels a course – in which case students are entitled to receive a full refund. Alternatively if a course cancels WEA Hunter will transfer the student into another course with no administration charge.
The student may also be entitled to a refund of all or part of their course if the student has medical, serious hardship or another extenuating circumstance which prevents their attendance or completion in the course. The General Manager will assess applications for these circumstances, after they have been submitted in writing, on a case by case basis.

Non Refundable Circumstances
The college cannot accept responsibility for changes in student’s personal circumstances or where students change their mind about the course they have selected or the qualification they are pursuing.
The College will not refund course fees where the student requests the refund because they:
• change their mind about attending the course after the course commences;
• change jobs or experience increase workload in their job;
• change work hours;
• move out of the area;
• are made redundant or retrenched.

If significant life circumstances affect their enrolment AFTER the course has begun and students wish to alter or withdraw their enrolment they must:
• Apply to the Training Manager in writing outlining the issue and the impact on your study
• Be aware that they will only be offered a credit transfer of fees if the Training Manager determines this to be appropriate action
• Be aware that they may be charged Administrations Fees for any adjustments
• Be aware that they will be charged for the number of Student Contact Hours already delivered
• Be aware that if they re-enrol in the course at a later date they will be expected to enrol and pay the fee for the full course/ subject

For further information in relation to any of this information please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Services Officers.