Why does Alesco need my money?

Nearly all of the funding received from state and federal government departments is allocated to the largest component of our costs, wages, some teaching and learning resources and other conventional school based administrative expenses. The very modest and non – compulsory annual student fees of $60 do not cover the costs required to operate a special school and its specific requirements

What exactly will my contribution be spent on and are there different options?

Whilst the above funding is hugely supportive of our particular circumstances, there is a significant need to assist further the specific needs of our students and teaching learning environment.
• Scholarships; e.g.to TAFE or other Registered Training Organisation
• Specific teaching aids; e.g. software packages, IT equipment
• Student centred learning aids; e.g.IT hardware and software, art supplies
• Special student experiences and events; e.g. personal development camps and excursions,
• Preparation for transition to work and further education; e.g. professionally prepared resumes, appropriate attire.

Will my money be just spent in the Hunter Valley?

In the main the donations will benefit the student body of the Alesco School in Newcastle. However, given that there are other Alesco
like schools in NSW and Victoria, some of the benefits of donations received may be transferable to other settings; e.g. teaching and
learning templates, program development packages, registration and accreditation assistance, Alesco specific professional development.

How will my contribution be recognised?

Your contribution may be recognised in a number of ways depending on the nature of the contribution and your wishes. It is our intention and commitment to have your support recognised in a manner that reflects your wishes coupled with the practicalities of the
For most businesses your donation will be tax deductable and therefore fully recognised by the ATO as refundable contribution. The donation to the Foundation may allow for you to be publically recognised or even have the donation or scholarship named after its benefits.

Can I make a one-off contribution or an ongoing donation?

Both, depending on the Alesco project you are considering and your capacity/ desire to be involved. Some donors may choose a small
and discrete, one off project whilst other may want a longer term sustainable involvement.

How will I know that you achieved a result with my money?

The Foundation will report regularly and at agreed times on the donation outcomes. This may be annually or every few months and
is usually dependent on your wishes and the nature of the donation or project.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

Yes, the WEA Hunter Foundation is registered with;
1. the Australian Tax Office as a Public Benevolent Institution with Deductible Gift Recipient status,
2. the Australian Charity and Non for profit Commission as a registered charity.

To find out more please download the WEA Hunter Foundation Prospectus here