Vision Reconnecting Disengaged People through Quality Learning.

Mission Generate partnerships and secure resources to drive educational outcomes for the benefit of local communities.

The purpose of establishing this Foundation is to highlight the wonderful benefits of participating in education and learning. And in this case more particularly, for people who have experienced challenges in their learning journey….so Re-engagement in learning is the focus of the Foundation.

Typically, this might be for someone who is no longer able to complete their schooling in the mainstream education environment, someone who is keen to complete their studies and find employment, someone who really wants to contribute and be part of society, someone like you and I. The learning journey for any of us is rarely one directional and without its challenges.

For many years now, the WEA Hunter has recognised this and has been very committed to providing courses and programs that are equity based and focussed on social inclusion and participation.

This was particularly highlighted for us when we founded the Alesco school right here at WEA, in Newcastle in 2002, at a time when many young people were searching for an alternative to mainstream schooling.

Alesco soon became the school where a student would be afforded a personalised and flexible learning environment, an environment where they would be treated with respect and encouraged to take responsibility for their education, their choices, and achieving the higher school certificate.

In many ways Alesco became the flagship of our efforts to provide social inclusion programs, our efforts for re- engagement with people who faced many potential barriers, and yet they were motivated to achieve and succeed by attaining a recognised qualification….and we can’t describe for you the thrill that such a qualification brings!

The Alesco school model has now been so successful here in Newcastle, that many other communities around NSW are now seeing the potential in their area, and the model is being replicated from Sydney to Broken Hill and from Newcastle to the Victorian border. Over 500 Alesco students have graduated in Newcastle alone since 2002.

If there is such success with Alesco and other like programs, why do we need the WEA Hunter Foundation, why did we establish it? The answer is simple…we want to do more…more because our students deserve more.

Our students and potential students will need the best teaching and learning resources, the best learning experiences, the most flexible learning environment where supportive and all inclusive “hands on” education takes place.

Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert details here the need to re-think education in our modern world – Changing Education Paradigms